Criminal Records Announces ‘Anarchy in the UK’ As Their Christmas Single

With the phenomenon of the Rage Against the Machine campaign surrounding the 2009 Christmas No. 1, independent label, Criminal Records, has controversially decided to release their own tribute to the Christmas spot.  According to Criminal Records MD “Indie labels generally know that a Xmas release is a big no no, mostly because of the major label hold over radio” however, this hasn’t deterred them.  “Christmas should be about having fun, so although we are not expecting a mainstream No. 1, we are definitely aiming for an indie top spot.  It’s been years since we have had a good laugh at the No. 1.  We were thinking of a funny Xmas video card to send out to our network when we decided to release the single early.”
That is where new signing ‘rocketclover’ come in.  The video to their tongue in cheek rendition of ‘Anarchy In the UK’ sees the band skip hand in hand down Camden High Street in green dungeries, being chased by punks, cleaning up the streets and demonstrates all the things that Anarchy is not!  However, there is a serious tone to the release, as Criminal Records will be donating a bulk of sales to charity, something you wouldn’t be expecting from the likes of Simon Cowell this year.
rocketclover’s repertoire of quirky acoustic versions of Metallica songs saw them win the “Your tribute to Metallica” contest on YouTube, winning over fans worldwide.  The simultaneous energy and light touch of rockeclover have the audience captivated in a ‘Weird Al’ kind of way!  The single is out on Monday 13th December, although fans are currently being told not to purchase until the following week.


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